College Management System

Tabor College management system (TCMS) is an end-to-end solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes by automating administration. This software is designed keeping in mind the different operations of a college. Hosted on cloud, helps educators to streamline all the core activities with the latest technology stack such as, business intelligence tools & analytics dashboard that generates precise reports on college admission, enrolment, and previous academic record, fees, alerts, attendance and compliance management. ____________________________________________________________ o Admission Management o Fees management  o Attendance management  o Grade book management  o Reports

Students’ Data

The system will be designed in such a way that it can record detail information of students and produce the following information based on the students’ application information.

o Generate course registration information
o Generate previous grade information
o Generate Student Course Detail Status information
o Generate reports related to students


Course Registration, Maintaining Prerequisites, and controlling allowable credits
o Generates Registration Slip for active students
o Handles course prerequisite for each course
o Controls Maximum Allowed Credit Hour

Course Breakdown

o Provides detail course information
o Provides list of courses across departments and batch
o Maintains course breakdown for each department and batch

Students’ Status

o Total number of courses/credit hrs allotted for the program
o Total number of courses/ credit hrs covered by the student
o Total number of courses/ credit hrs remaining for a student to complete
his/her studies.

Add and Drop of Course(s), Class Capacity

o Processes course add
o Processes course drop
o Generates Add/Drop slip

Grade Reports

o Generates mass semester grade report
o Generates transcripts for graduate/ active students
o Generates grade statistics for each course

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